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Rob Janoff, is responsible for

designing what’s thought to be

the most recognised brandmark

in history, here’s his story.

Best known for creating the mega-iconic Apple logo that we all know and love, Rob Janoff was a young art director in Silicon Valley when he was chosen to design a corporate identity for a new upstart client – Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, Inc.

Born in Culver City, a suburb of Los Angeles, and educated at San Jose State University, Rob initially majored in the field of industrial design. After discovering he wasn’t particularly enamored with that discipline, Rob switched his focus to graphic design.

After college in 1970, Rob began honing his design skills at small Silicon Valley agencies with high-tech clients. In early 1977, he landed a position at Regis McKenna, an established advertising agency in Palo Alto. Shortly after he began, Rob’s creative director chose him to design the corporate identity package for their new client, Apple Computer. The choice was based on his extensive work for tech clients, and his strength in abstract conceptual visualization. No one then could have imagined the incredible success Apple would achieve. Steve Job’s vision, an amazing product, and Apple’s iconic, consistent branding all contributed to that success.


Rob later went on to top agencies in New York and Chicago, designing print and TV advertising for major national brands and global clients. Interest in the Apple logo has only grown over time, and Rob fields questions and advises design students from around the world.

Now residing in Chicago, Rob remains active within the agency designing for a variety of clients, old and new. Whether you need the best brand artist or an amazing logo design, contact the studio today and get Rob Janoff involved with your new look.

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